The Step Brothers Band was initially formed in 2017 by a group of area musicians with decades of experience in the local music scene of Northern and Central New Jersey. Founding band members were actively engaged in other projects at the time and the initial formation of the group was simply as a creative and social outlet for its members.

From the first “get together”, it was obvious to all that the group immediately clicked. The sound was great, the collaboration seamless, and the musicians’ individual styles and skills complemented each other effortlessly. Very quickly, The Step Brothers Band was born (named more for the fact that all original band members were initially members of other bands than for the silly movie. Okay, the silly movie played a role as well, but we needed a name… and quickly).

Since formation, the band’s sound and versatility have grown tremendously. The group was very fortunate to add Dawn Lorentz as female lead vocalist and “front woman” in 2019, adding a fantastic voice and presence, plus opening an entirely new catalog of musical options. Most recently, Paul Ogden joined the band on bass. Paul adds yet another new dimension to the rhythm section, whether supporting traditional rock tunes or pumping out slappin’ funk lines – Paul’s bass lines add depth and punch to the Step Brothers sound.

From its roots as a social outlet for a group of area musicians, The Step Brothers Band has become a professional, high caliber, high energy rocking band that delivers exceptional musical entertainment for public & private events, clubs, and charitable causes.

Band Members:

Dawn Lorentz – Lead Vocals

Sam Fairley – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Brad Rhoads – Lead Guitar

Tom Taylor – Keyboards

Joe Heary – Guitar & Vocals

Paul Ogden – Bass Guitar

Dennis Cahill – Drums & Vocals