The 2017 formation of the Step Brothers Band brought together a talented group of area musicians who had decades of experience roaming the local bars, clubs and special events of Northern and Central New Jersey. While the musical collaboration began in 2017, the actual genesis of this band dates back 25 years or more, involving friendships, business relationships and other connections having nothing to do with music.

Band members are also involved – independently and in various combinations – in other successful area groups (including The Altman Brothers Band, Dead Space & Vintage Vinyl), a circumstance at least partially responsible for the “Step Brothers” name (the others being it’s a stupidly funny movie and we needed a name…… quickly).

Musically, what started as a social “get together” in 2017, has now evolved into the Step Brothers Band as the group found it had a natural fit and feel that produced great sounding music.

Performing classic rock hits from the 60’s though the 2000’s, the band looks to create positive energy & enjoyment by sharing music that moves both body and vocal cords, connecting music to life events of the audience. To maintain this energy and freshness, the band performs only a limited number of area shows each year.

Band Members:

Dawn Lorentz – Lead Vocals

Sam Fairley – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Brad Rhoads – Lead Guitar

Tom Taylor – Keyboards

Rick Cantor – Bass Guitar & Vocals

Joe Heary – Guitar & Vocals

Dennis Cahill – Drums & Vocals